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Bibiana Pinto - President and Head Coach

As a young child in Brazil, Bibiana discovered early on the power of Rhythmic Gymnastics.  Her RG career spanned over a decade, including the last three years as part of the Brazilian National Team.  

When Bibiana first started (at the age of 5 years), RG was an unrecognized sport with little support. The families of the athletes had to pay all expenses, including international competitions where they were officially representing Brazil.  There were no sponsors, no dedicated training facilities, and little or no incentive, except for the athletes' love of this beautiful sport.  RG provided an outlet for Bibiana and her teammates to express themselves in a healthy, graceful way that empowered them and taught them discipline and confidence.

Their love for the sport allowed them to achieve a level of success that was unexpected for amateur athletes.  Through RG, Bibiana had the opportunity to train in Ukraine with some of the best athletes in the world.  She also participated in two World Championships (Yugoslavia 1989 and Greece 1991), her team also won the first ever international medal for Brazilian Rhythmic Gymnastics (Silver, in the Summer Pan-American games, 1991). 


As pioneers of Rhythmic Gymnastics in Brazil, Bibiana and her teammates struggled to find media support and a sponsor.  But through their efforts and winning gains, RG grew and became better recognized.  So much so, that at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the Brazilian group team won a stunning 9th place, beating out countries with much better RG programs like the USA. Bibiana is proud of her achievements and contributions in bringing recognition to the sport and in creating a legacy that began back in the 1990s.

Today, Bibiana is a wife and mother, raising her children in Greenwich, Connecticut.  After many years away from the sport, she has rediscovered RG through the eyes of her young daughter.  With renewed passion and through H.O.P.E., Bibiana hopes to share her joy and love of the sport with others while giving back to her community.  

Bibiana created H.O.P.E. as a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the sport and to helping other girls discover the power, grace, and beauty within them.  Through H.O.P.E., Bibiana continues the legacy that began so many years ago.

Brazilian Rhythmic Gymnastics Group - 12 clubs

World Championship - Sarajevo, 1989

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