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Maria Luigia (Gigia) Perenze - Professional RG Coach

Gigia discovered rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 5, but she was too much of a tomboy to enjoy it, so after only one year she quitted the sport. She tried  Rhythmic Gymnastics again at the age of 10, and this time was pure love! Gigia became quickly very passionate about RG. She started asking her coach to train more often and for a longer duration. After one year of recreational level she conquered a place in the competitive team of the local club. This was of the happiest day of her life! The gym became a second home and the club a family. Gigia started competing both individually and in group, reaching the national level. However, her utmost pleasure was to spend time in the gym with her team, to train and to push her limits everyday.

She started practicing modern jazz dance after retired from Rhythmic Gymnastics at age of 23, but her heart always beats for rhythmic gymnastics, so she helped her club as an instructor when her university studies allowed it . She had the pleasure to cheer for her National Team at European and World championships as well as the Olympic Games in London in 2012.

In 2017 she moved to the States with her family. While looking for a gym for her three daughters she discovered H.O.P.E. and felt the positive vibes of a good club. She finally realized that rhythmic gymnastics is still part of her life and not only of her daughters’. Gigia then decided to wear a new coach uniform and finally goes back to this magical world that has forged her character, body and spirit.

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