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Classes are held at:


471 North Street, Greenwich, CT 06830

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Fall Classes start Tuesday, September 5th 2023

Annual Registration $40

Please Zelle payment on


Team and Pre-team gymnasts are recruited by audition. 

Competitive Team Training (by invitation) - Currently selecting new members

Selecting only: No experience 4-5yo, experienced Ballet dancer 5-7yo with some basics techniques, older girls only with Rhythmic Gymnastics previous experience and good apparatus handling and flexibility (full splits).

Commitment per week: 6 to 9hrs(Lower levels), 14 to 20hrs(L5 to L8) plus Winter Break camp, Spring Break Camp

Mandatory Competitions: Around 10 competition weekends Locally (driving distance) and traveling (Flight required). 

From December to Beginning of June.

H.O.P.E. Competitive Team is among the best RG teams in the East Coast. Gymnasts are prepared to participate in Invitationals, State, Regional and National Championships. We follow the USA Gymnastics Development Program

The Rhythmic Development Program is the USA developmental program that helps prepare athletes from the beginning stages of Rhythmic Gymnastics until the time they are ready to compete under the International Federation Gymnastics Rules. Same rules that Olympic athletes compete at the Summer Olympic Games. 

- All Classes need a minimum 5 participants to open.

- Classes no bigger than 10 gymnasts for a more personalized attention

- Call (914)282-3134 to inquire about registration

There is an annual registration fee of $40 for all programs. Tuition is due on first day of each Session. No refunds or credits will be given for withdrawals or absences once the session begins.


All gymnasts must practice with plain black training clothes. No stamps or colors are allowed. Plain black leggings or black shorts and plain black tank top or any fitted black top are preferred. No tutus or skits allowed. Hair must be firmly up in a bun or pony tail. No hair in the face. No big jewelry.   

Class Tuition payments: Please use Zelle. Most banks have Zelle built in on their mobile Apps. Use for the transfers.

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