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3rd Annual Rhythmic Gymnastics Awareness Day 


SUNDAY JUNE 2nd 2019 - 4:30pm-6:30pm

Tickets at the door

Where: Eastern Civic Center - 90 Harding Rd, Old Greenwich, CT 0687

Adult: $20 (at the door)

Children: Free 10 years old and under

Rhythmic Gymnastics is one of the most beautiful Olympic sports, yet most people are unaware of its power and ability to enlighten and transform the human soul. H.O.P.E. is a non-for-profit organization whose mission is to nurture young girls and help them blossom into strong and graceful women with a positive self-image through the beauty and discipline of Rhythmic Gymnastics. 

HOPE cordially invites you to appreciate this great sport event.

SHOW - You will learn about the progress of a Rhythmic Gymnast since age of 3 until teen years. The gymnasts will perform their competitive routines and gala routines in an amazing display of beauty, body control and hand-eye coordination. You and your child will be amazed to see how the Rhythmic Gymnasts make everything look effortless.


Summer Camp in Portuguese

Last year H.O.P.E. show:

2st Annual Rhythmic Gymnastics Awareness Day May 2017

SAT, MAY 19TH 2018

First H.O.P.E. show - Take a look:

1st Annual Rhythmic Gymnastics Awareness Day May 2017

SAT, MAY 20TH Greenwich Community came together to celebrate Rhythmic Gymnastics at Eastern Civic Center in Old Greenwich, CT. We had an incredible display of beauty, coordination, flexibility as the public got to know a little more about this amazing all woman olympic sport. Please enjoy the pictures and movies and get ready for the next H.O.P.E. year event.

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